Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Stalker

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Style Wrestling

Size: L (Head 99% / Body 100% / Arm 92% / Hand 99% / Leg 98%)

Head: 37(1st row 1st row 10,5,5/16,7,6/21,11,9/24,13,11/25,17,14/27,20,17)(2nd row 0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(15,13,10/23,21,15/27,24,19/23,14,9)
Layer 1: Samurai 3 (15,13,10/23,21,15/27,24,19/23,14,9)
Layer 2: Mask 26 (0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(7,12,3/10,19,6/11,24,7/11,28,9)

Chest: L
Layer 1: T-shirt (4,0,0/7,4,0/11,7,0/12,8,0)(2,4,1/7,7,3/8,10,5/9,14,6)
Layer 2: Colar 2 (0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)
Layer 3: Flames (4,0,0/7,4,0/11,7,0/12,8,0)(2,4,1/7,7,3/8,10,5/9,14,6)

Waist: D
Layer 1: T-shirt (4,0,0/7,4,0/11,7,0/12,8,0)(2,4,1/7,7,3/8,10,5/9,14,6)
Layer 2: Fire Suit (4,0,0/7,4,0/11,7,0/12,8,0)(2,4,1/7,7,3/8,10,5/9,14,6)
Layer 3: Jean (0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)

Upper Arm: D

Lower Arm: M
Layer 1: Wrist Bands (19,19,19/23,23,23/27,27,27/31,31,31)

Wrist: Bare

Thigh: M
Layer 1: Jeans (0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)

Calf: M
Layer 1: Jeans (0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)

Feet: Striped (0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)


Anonymous said...

That's a really great Stalker Barry Windham! Great Job! Do you think that you could give Damien Demento a try? He's the one who wrestled The Undertaker on the very first episode of WWE Monday Night Raw on January 11th,1993. Once again, thanks!

Deranged-Stu said...

Yes, I can and I have so I'll just post him one of these days.

Kyle said...

Hey brother, just wanted to say keep the stuff coming. I don't see alot of comments on here but I do check this everyday. Your CAWS are boss. More puroresu! Thanks

- Kyle

Deranged-Stu said...

Thank Kyle, that really means a lot. Can I ask, is the page set up ok for you?

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