Friday, July 22, 2011

Hunter Helmsley

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Style Tech

Size: M (Head 100% / Body 105% / Arm 102% / Hand 100% / Leg 96%)

Head: 358 (1st row 8,5,4/14,8,5/22,13,9 /25,16,12/29,20,15/31,24,20) (2nd row 0,0,0/1,1,1/3,3,3/5,5,5) (10,7,0/9,6,0/8,3,0/16,10,0)
Layer 1: Pony Tail (5,3,0/9,5,0/9,5,0/15,11,5)
Layer 2: Samurai 2 (9,6,0/12,8,0/12,8,0/14,8,0)

Chest: M

Waist: M
Layer 1: Belt 3 (0,0,0/1,1,1/3,3,3/5,5,5)(16,16,16/20,20,20/24,24,24/28,28,28)

Upper Arm: M

Lower Arm: S
Layer 1: Wrist Bands (16,16,16/20,20,20/24,24,24/28,28,28)

Wrist: Bare

Thigh: M
Layer 1: Leather (0,0,0/1,1,1/3,3,3/5,5,5)(0,0,0/1,1,1/3,3,3/5,5,5)
Layer 2: Design 6 (16,16,16/20,20,20/24,24,24/28,28,28)16,16,16/20,20,20/24,24,24/28,28,28)

Calf: M
Layer 1: Leather (0,0,0/1,1,1/3,3,3/5,5,5)(0,0,0/1,1,1/3,3,3/5,5,5)
Layer 2: Shoes 1 (16,16,16/20,20,20/24,24,24/28,28,28)(0,0,0/1,1,1/3,3,3/5,5,5)

Feet: Striped (0,0,0/1,1,1/3,3,3/5,5,5)


Kyle said...

Yeah man site is cool. I check it on my phone and it looks fine.

I have a request for new Tanahashi. I've made my own but your CAWS are so good I wanna see your take.

I changed my Randy savage with your one yesterday actually haha

Deranged-Stu said...

Do you want a newer one than the one I've already posted because I posted one in June already.

Anonymous said...

Hey brother. Oh wow i didnt see that! He actually had a pink black outfit for the last few months but as of a week ago he changed to a new get up. It's white black red. Have a look!

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