The Muto:Legend pack is a compilation of edits from Keiji Mutoh's greatest matches. The pack contains 129 unique edits and 5 logos. Multiple Muta/Mutoh edits make up the majority of the pack.

8/24/11 - 0.9 is out! Color scheme changed slightly for every wrestler. CPU logic update. 5 logos, 9 rings (NJPW, JCW, WAR, NWA, WWC, WCW, AJPW, HUSTLE & Love & Bump), 2 refs, and 129 wrestlers edits w/25 unique Mutoh/Muta edits!

2/20/11 - 0.7 is out! 4 logos, 8 rings (NJPW, JCW, WAR, NWA, WWC, WCW, AJPW, & Love & Bump), 2 refs, and 83 wrestlers!

12/28/10 - 0.5 is out! 3 logos, 5 rings (NJPW, JCW, WAR, NWA, & Love & Bump), 2 refs, and 53 wrestlers!

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NJPW 85-88
Space Lone Wolf
Antonio Inoki
Riki Choshu
Tatsumi Fujinami
Masahiro Chono
*Hulk Hogan
*Akira Maeda
*Nobuhiko Takada
*Shiro Koshinaka
*Dick Murdoch
Dr. Death Steve Williams
The Congo Barbarian
Kerry Von Erich

Black Ninja
*Black Ninja
Lex Luger

Super Black Ninja
El Profe

The Great Muta
*The Great Muta
Barry Windham
Ric Flair
Lex Luger
Gary Hart

NJPW 91-96
The Great Muta
*The Great Muta (vs. Chono)
*The Great Muta
Keiji Mutoh
*Keiji Mutoh
Hiroshi Hase
Masahiro Chono
Shinya Hashimoto
*Nobuhiko Takada
Hulk Hogan
*Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Super Strong Machine
Crusher Bam Bam Bigelow
Big Van Vader
Scott Norton
El Gigante
Rick Steiner
Scott Steiner
Ricky Steamboat
Power Warrior
Warrior Hawk
Warrior Animal

The Great Muta
Genichiro Tenryu
The Great Nita
The Great Kabuki

The Great Muta
*Masahiro Chono
The Giant
*Kevin Nash
*Scott Hall
*The Barbarian
*Rick Steiner
*Scott Steiner
*Brian Adams
The Demon

NJPW 96-01
The Great Muta
*The Great Muta
*The Great Muta
*Keiji Mutoh (vs. Tenryu)
Keiji Mutoh
Masihiro Chono
*Kensuke Sasaki
Power Warrior
*Shiro Koshinaka
Juyshin Liger
Kishin Liger
*Nobuhiko Takada
Jinsei Shinsaki
*Naoya Ogawa
*Don Frye
Don Frye
Ken Shamrock

AJPW 01-07
*The Great Muta (vs. Awesome)
Darkness Muta
Keiji Mutoh
Genichrio Tenryu
Toshiaki Kawada
*The Great Koji
*The Great Ruta
Juyshin Liger
Kensuke Sasaki
Hiroshi Hase
Dr. Death Steve Williams
*Giant Bernard
*Mike Awesome
Bill Goldberg
Bob Sapp

The Great Muta
Justin Credible
Necro Butcher
Mad Man Pondo

*Keiji Mutoh (vs. Kobashi)
Mitsuharu Misawa
*Kenta Kobashi
*Akira Taue
*Yoshihiro Takyama

NJPW 07-09
Keiji Mutoh
Masahiro Chono
*Hiroshi Tanahashi
Shinsuke Nakmura
Hiroyoshi Tenzan

The Great Muta
Genichrio Tenryu
Toshiaki Kawada

AJPW 07-11
The Great Muta
Keiji Mutoh
Masakatsu Funaki
*Masakatsu Funaki
*Satoshi Kojima
Minoru Suzuki
*Minoru Suzuki
*Scott Steiner
Gold Dustin

"*" denotes new wrestler for .9

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jayvolution said...

I demand a Muto template!!! :P

mutoh fan z said...

could you please please post the formulas for Kokushi Muso and the grear ruta from your mutoh legend save?

Anonymous said...

Nice Mutas!

Anonymous said...

Great edits, sir! Any chance we could see one of the formulas for Kojima? Also, be on the look-out for The Great Koji...

Anonymous said...

Dude fucking amazing!!! Im a huge fan of what ur doin. O love this pack, it inspires me to watch japanese wrestling. Im a huge fan of ROH.You should have a ROH pack do all the rings, and the wrestlers. As a matter of fact you should do the entire indy wrestling scene, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!

Crash Test Cody said...

I'm having some trouble loading the PSN save, any help would be appreciated! :)

Robert Stewart said...

@Crash Test, try this:

Hope that helps, sorry for the late response.

Anonymous said...

i downloaded the psv version and it was a mid 90's wwf?

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