Sunday, March 11, 2012

Val Venis

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Style: Tech

Size: M(Head 100% / Body 104% / Arm 100% / Hand 100% / Leg 103%)

Head: 17(1st row 8,5,4/14,7,4/22,12,8/25,15,11/29,19,14/31,23,19)(2nd row 10,5,16/15,7,23/18,10,27/20,14,27)(7,5,0/8,5,4/11,8,0/13,7,0)(3rd Row 7,5,0/8,5,4/11,8,0/13,7,0)
Layer 1: Long 3 (8,4,0/10,7,0/11,8,0/13,7,0)
Layer 2: Beard (9,7,0/12,8,1/15,12,6/16,11,0)

Chest: M

Waist: M
Layer 1: Tights (10,5,16/15,7,23/18,10,27/20,14,27)(7,5,0/8,5,4/11,8,0/13,7,0)(23,23,23/17,17,17/24,24,24/31,31,31)

Upper Arm: M

Lower Arm: M

Wrist: Bare

Thigh: S

Calf: M
Layer 1: Shoes 1 (0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)
Layer 2: Knee Pads 1(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)
Layer 3: Lace 1(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)

Feet: Laced (0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)(0,0,0/1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3)


Anonymous said...

That's a great Val Venis there! By the way, could you please check the forums for edit requests by Anonymous on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 in the filled file please? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This caw looks awesome bro!!

Peanut said...

You used a brown color on 'Head 2nd row' and 'Waist Layer 1' (7,5,0/8,5,4/11,8,0/13,7,0). It doesn't match the purple color in the picture.

Peanut said...

On Head 2nd row, should the color be (8,4,0/10,7,0/11,8,0/13,7,0) instead of (11,7,3/16,8,5/22,16,12/26,23,18)? The front of the hair has blonde highlights with the given color.

Robert Stewart said...

Thanks again Peanut. Think I've got it straightened out.

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